Is there a difference between religion and spirituality? The answer is a resounding yes. Religion is an organized movement built on a faith-based dogma that promotes and supports the beliefs of its followers. But, Spirituality, is an introspective process that allows a person to discover their higher purpose by examining their beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors. According to Dr. Dolores Fazzino, “Spirituality is the glue that holds the mind, body and soul together.”

I raise this question because businesses and organizations need to understand the difference between religion and spirituality, and the importance of promoting spirituality in the workplace. At a time when so many people are searching for meaning and balance in their lives, employers need to recognize they can profit from spirituality in the workplace. Frankly, it’s in the selfish interest of companies and organizations to help their employees understand their spiritual dimension because it creates more productive and happy people in the workplace.

For the past three years, The 10,000 Days Foundation, which I’ve been a part of, has studied the correlation between an employee’s commitment to his or her job and their spiritual disposition. The 10,000 Days Foundation learned that people who attend personal growth programs, meditate, practice yoga, exercise their minds and bodies, and enroll in life balance retreats that cultivate their spiritual dimension, are more productive and engaged at work because they have a higher sense of self-worth and purpose. All of these activities I just mentioned are part of one’s spiritual development and have nothing to do with religion or dogma.

While meditation, yoga and exercise classes are fairly straightforward, a company executive might wonder what exactly are people learning at self-help programs such as a life balance retreats or spirituality workshop? At The 10,000 Days Foundation, our basic workshops focus on three things. First, creating a higher level of self-awareness – that is, understanding who we are and what makes us tick; secondly, helping attendees discover their gifts and talents, and how to put them to use; and, thirdly, how to create greater life balance.

The results are powerful. People are both liberated and transformed when they know how to set goals, how to spend time doing things that create more happiness, how to develop an attitude of gratitude; and, most important, how to find peace within one’s self.

When you consider how much time and money companies spend on training people, these types of programs are a smart investment for companies to make. As one human resources vice president told me recently, “It’s a lot cheaper to help our people find happiness and balance in their lives than to replace them.” I agree.

Author: Tom Hinton

Since 1989, Tom Hinton has inspired, challenged, nurtured and entertained over 1,000 corporate, association, and government audiences with his dynamic speeches and interactive workshops on personal growth and professional development topics including: Life Balance, Employee Engagement, How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, and Creating the High Performance Workplace. In 2006, Tom completed The Course of 10,000 Days®, a transformational personal development program that dramatically altered his perspective on how to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and happiness. Today, Tom teaches audiences how live their passion, love who they are and what they do, and create a lasting legacy. These are the very principles and practices embodied in The Course of 10,000 Days®. He continues to speak around the world to corporate audiences and facilitate public workshops on these timely issues and popular topics. Tom also serves as the chairman of The 10,000 Days Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization that focuses on personal growth and spiritual development programs for individuals and businesses. The 10,000 Days Foundation is based in San Diego, California. Much of the work performed by the 10,000 Days Foundation is devoted to helping people find their higher purpose through The Course of 10,000 Days® and creating life balance, fulfillment and abundance in their lives. Tom is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the author of four books. He can be reached via email at: For more information, please visit our website at: