In a recent interview, one of America’s most respected Life Coaches, Chess Edwards said, “Everyone has a life purpose. The challenge is to discover it and live it.”

I think that’s great advice. The question is how? According to Chess Edwards, “One way is to be present — to focus on this moment in your life and enjoy the experience of now.

Edwards says, “There is great power and pleasure in being present in the moment. Consider this: You know those people, who as soon as you meet them, they instill an instant sense of trust? Why is that?

“The reason is that they trust themselves. They show-up fully present to the moment, and you know that their minds aren’t spinning a million miles a minute calculating how to “get what they want” or “sell you what they’ve got,” or worrying if you’re going to like them or not. They already like themselves and they aren’t seeking approval from others.
“It’s almost like you’re meeting a Zen master or wise teacher, except they’re dressed just like you and don’t seem to reek of incense and lotus blossoms. They are your mechanic, the grocery store clerk, your dry cleaner, your professor, your next door neighbor, and your friend.

“When you’re around these people, you can feel the peace that they are experiencing within themselves. People want to be near them. People want them on their team. People feel safe around them. This is because they feel safe within themselves.

“What is happening is that they have learned to be at peace with themselves and that deep peace has given them a rock solid foundation that allows them to fully engage without the distractions of fear, doubt and uncertainty; and, act with great clarity and confidence in everything that they do and truly connect with everyone they meet. It isn’t that they don’t sometimes experience fear, but they aren’t ruled by it.

“They have learned how to cultivate a state of presence that they carry with them everywhere. It is their home. They have found their home and are no longer seeking it from the world around them. The world around them simply reflects their internal abundance of strength, peace compassion.

“We all have the capacity to create such foundations of balance, strength and integrity which translate into more joyful and powerful living under all conditions and in all circumstances.
Cultivating this Power of Presence takes practice and discipline. It takes some serious rewiring of old thought patterns and the willingness to let go of old habits and beliefs. It takes learning how to be mindful while establishing a more honest and courageous relationship with ourselves, our true-selves.”

The Power of Presence is the ability to bring the power of our stillness, stability and integrity from the privacy of our personal practices into every active moment of our lives. Mindfulness in Action is being able to stay steady, present and powerfully connected no matter what the condition of the world around us.

As a result of understanding and learning The Power of Presence, you will be able to:

• Learn the art of being genuinely present in every moment where you access the peace, strength and joy that naturally resides within you.
• Liberate yourself through conscious and empowered choices rather than being victim to unconscious and conditioned reactions.
• Greatly reduce unnecessary drama and struggle in your life and the lives of those you impact.
• Dissolve blocks that keep you from living the full and abundant life that you’re meant to live. Strengthen the foundations of emotional maturity and well-being upon which joyful and powerful lives are built.
The Power of Presence can transform your life. Hey, it’s your time!

Author: Tom Hinton

Since 1989, Tom Hinton has inspired, challenged, nurtured and entertained over 1,000 corporate, association, and government audiences with his dynamic speeches and interactive workshops on personal growth and professional development topics including: Life Balance, Employee Engagement, How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, and Creating the High Performance Workplace. In 2006, Tom completed The Course of 10,000 Days®, a transformational personal development program that dramatically altered his perspective on how to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and happiness. Today, Tom teaches audiences how live their passion, love who they are and what they do, and create a lasting legacy. These are the very principles and practices embodied in The Course of 10,000 Days®. He continues to speak around the world to corporate audiences and facilitate public workshops on these timely issues and popular topics. Tom also serves as the chairman of The 10,000 Days Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization that focuses on personal growth and spiritual development programs for individuals and businesses. The 10,000 Days Foundation is based in San Diego, California. Much of the work performed by the 10,000 Days Foundation is devoted to helping people find their higher purpose through The Course of 10,000 Days® and creating life balance, fulfillment and abundance in their lives. Tom is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the author of four books. He can be reached via email at: For more information, please visit our website at: